I want to post a comparison picture of the lady I was in 2013 and the lady I am today.
The first pic was from my very first day volunteering with the Federation of BC Youth In Care Network - now I am on the board of directors (!) - and I believe it’s changed my life for the better! I had also started loving my body the way it was/is (it was fatshion February afterall) and I started following a ton of body positive blogs that made me want to care for my body like a newborn infant. I started doing things for me and for my emotional and mental health. I took some time off of work (I am a foster kid turned child protection social worker - yikes!) to focus on myself and the person I want to be and I believe I am in a much better, happier, more positive place. I lost some weight, as you can see, but it wasn’t the goal. I still struggle every day and I sometimes still fall back into harmful habits but I try to remind myself that I am precious and awesome and worthy of love!!

And you are too!!


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